1. How to Find a “Real” Social Media Expert

    June 19, 2010

    Step one: Create a Twitter account.

    Step two: Add “Social Media Consultant” into the Bio line.

    Step three: Let the clients roll in.

    Seriously though, that’s pretty much all it takes to call yourself as a Social Media Expert these days. Even though most people in our office would consider themselves experts in the world of social media, it’s almost taboo to don the title because of this overpopulation of supposed experts and gurus on the subject.

    Silly as it may sound, I feel a bit like a veteran in this industry. I made my entrance “back in the day” when MySpace wasn’t even on the radar as a marketing tool, before every major household brand had an official profile and a fan page, before Facebook surpassed MySpace in growth, and way before Twitter was chronically over capacity. Part of my sales pitch was convincing companies why social media was relevant, and how creating a professional presence on sites like MySpace and Facebook would be a progressive and important step for their business. Nowadays, it’s more a matter what can we do, not why should we do it. Social networks are no longer considered just for kids, or just a passing phase. They are now widely known as vehicles for viral, targeted and cost-effective marketing campaigns. (more…)

  2. How to Be an Effective Salesperson When You Hate Selling

    June 3, 2010

    On Saturday night I received unexpected news that my project manager needed to be out of the office for the whole week. With baby in arms, I immediately went from “I love being domestic” mode to “shit, I have to go back to work” mode. To be honest, after the initial panic wore off I was secretly excited. The entire day I was actually feeling rather tormented about how to apply my energies now that I was feeling healed and more energetic, contemplating crafts and more house projects.

    The cold hard reality is that I am habitually, neurotically productive. As much I sometimes love the idea of kicking back and taking it easy, I can only realistically do that for so long before the train goes off the tracks from the wheels in my head running a little too fast with nothing substantial to do. I’ve spent the past five years running this business, and at the end of the day it’s much more efficient for me to be doing this than making jewelry professionally or devoting myself to scrap booking full-time, both of which I was seriously considering prior in the day. (more…)